Michigan State Employees Association

Michigan state employees are joining together with a new vision and renewed strength. We’re coming together as a stronger union because, together, we are making a better future for ourselves, our families, and our communities.  We’re not just public employees; we provide services that Michigan residents depend on every day. We make our communities safer, we protect and preserve our state’s resources, we ensure safe and accessible transportation and so much more. The work matters because it means something to make a community better.


MSEA Issues Letter of Support for Law Enforcement Community:

Despite high levels of stress on the job, many state and local workers say they highly value serving the public and their communities and feel generally satisfied with their jobs.

AFSCME members who work in health care and social services jobs face workplace violence daily. Now they are closer to having it.

To get the benefits, protections and resources available to MSEA members, 

SPEAK WITH A REPRESENTATIVE AT HR SELF-SERVICE BY DIALING 877-766-6447. Tell the representative you wish to authorize Dues Deduction EA01 

Visit the HR Self-Service Online Portal by clicking the button. After logging in, go to the search bar located in the upper right-hand corner and type DUES. Where you see “opt into one of the deduction codes listed below”, select EA01. On the next screen, click AUTHORIZE.

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