The FACTS about Union Dues and Political Campaigns

Are my dues being used to fund poltical activity?

No. Federal and various state campaign contribution laws prohibit dues dollars being used for political campaign contributions. 

If my dues can't be used for political contributions, how do unions contribute to political campaigns? 

Unions participate in poltical campaigns through donations from a political action committee (PAC) fund, funded by VOLUNTARY union member contributions. 

Exactly how does poltical Action Committee get union members' money?

Contributions to the poltical action committee are funded entirely through VOLUNTARY donations from MSEA members. Usually these contributions are made through a VOLUNTARY reoccurring payroll deduction, in the amount authorized by the individual member. In other words, only money VOLUNTARILY contributed to the polticial action committee by participating members is used for political campaign contributions. 

Who Does the Poltical Action Committee make Contributions to and how is that decided? 

The political action committee contributes to candidates for state and local offices throughout Michigan. The goal for political action committee is to make contributions to candidates that have a proven track record of supporting and advancing pro-worker legislation. Prior to any endorsements being made, the political action committee requires candidates to complete a questionnaire and interview process. After candidates are interviewed, the poltical action committee votes on who to support and what the campaign contribution amount will be. 

What is the Focus of the Political action committee?

MSEA is solely focused on labor related issues that affect public sector workers and labor in general. We only focus on the issues that have direct ties to labor and the public sector. If you don't agree with an endorsement that is made by the political action committee, you have every right to vote for whichever candidate you deem best represents you. We aren't always going to agree on every endorsement, but the important thing is to stay united in regard to what we do as state employees and what makes us a strong union!