Public Safety Division Steward Training Information

The upcoming MSEA PSD Steward Training will be held in Lansing, Michigan on Feburary 27th 2024 starting at 10am. You must be a MSEA Public Safety Divison member to be able to attend this training. If you are scheduled to work on the day of training, MSEA will submit a union leave request rembursing the SOM for your time, thus allowing you to attend the training. This training is specifically formulated for law enforcement officers and the unique issues they face. 

If you are interested in attending this training please contact the MSEA Offices at (517) 394-5900 or send an email to [email protected]. Please indicate if you will need Union Leave, the amount of hours you are requesting and if you need lodging accomdations the evening before. A follow up email will be sent to you once the training is closer with all pertinent details. Thanks