Regional Directors


Region I: Steve Boyer (Director) Phone: 260-316-2504, Email: [email protected]  

Jonathon Tolonen (Alternate) Phone: 906-395-7707 Email: [email protected]

Region II -  Vacant 

Region III -  Jeff Reed (Director) Phone: 989-284-9574 Email: [email protected]

Vacant (Alternate)

Region IV: Connor Hagen (Director) Phone: (616)368-7313 Email: [email protected] 

Kris Witham (Alternate) Phone: (231)740-5654 Email: [email protected]

Region V: Jason Dechene (Director) Phone: (586)961-4289 Email: [email protected]

(Alternate) Vacant

Region VI: Mark Sanchez (Director) Phone: (517)927-4788 Email: [email protected]

Brent Heyer (Alternate) Phone: (517)420-3583 Email: [email protected]

Region VII:  Skylar Springer (Director) Phone: (269)547-0292 Email: [email protected]

(Alternate) Vacant

Region VIII: Ken Lacinski (Director) Phone: (248)747-0455 Email: [email protected]

David Schaumburger (Alternate) Phone: (734)642-8888 Email: [email protected]

Labor and Trades Unit Director: Brent Heyer Phone: (517)420-3583 Email: [email protected]

Safety and Regulatory Unit Director: Richard Cardenas Email: [email protected]